Our menu specialises in locally sourced game and seafood and prepared simply with an ever changing menu and specials board.

It remains fresh, changing in-keeping with the seasons, reflecting traditionally available produce from the sea and land at that time.

Soup of the Day
please ask waiting staff. Served with a roll and Scottish herb butter
Salmon Skink (GFO)
our very own speciality made from hot smoked salmon, potato, cream and milk, served in its own bread bowl
Pulled Pork Croquettes
pulled pork croquettes, sriracha ketchup
Beetroot Falafel (GFO)
beetroot falafel, feta salad, mint yoghurt
tomato, mozzarella & prosciutto bruschetta, basil dressing
King Prawns (GFO)
wanderlust tempura prawns, coriander & sweet chilli dip
Garlic Bread
Oven-roasted garlic bulb, baked ciabatta, sea salt and garlic oil, spicy tomato salsa.
Fish Kebab
Sea trout, haddock & king prawn kebab, couscous, spinach, red pepper coulis
Haddock Fillet
North sea haddock fillet in a 6DN beer batter, served with chips, homemade tartar sauce
Fish Cakes
fish cakes, courgette & pine nut salad, aioli
Pork Belly
Slow cooked pork belly, black pudding mash, bacon savoy cabbage, hop classic jus
Rich flemish stew made with tender chunks of beef, braised long and slow in Chopper Stout, served with fries and vegetables
Risotto (GF)
wild mushroom risotto, rocket, pinenuts
Cajun Chicken Burger
avocado, salsa & cheddar cheese, chips & salad
Steak & Pepper Burger
pepper sauce, onion rings , gruyere, chips & salad
chips - onion rings - roast mediterranean veg - green salad
Chicken Wrap
Chicken & mango mayo wrap
Salmon Ciabatta
Hot smoked salmon & pepper mayo ciabatta
Halloumi Ciabatta
Halloumi & roast veg ciabatta
Ice Creams (GFO)
A scoop from a selection of ice creams
£2.50 per scoop
Brulee (GFO)
drambuie & honey creme brulee, shortbread
Cheesecake of the day
wanderlust & orange cheesecake
Chocolate & Orange Torte
chocolate & orange torte, candied orange, chantilly cream
Cheese Board (GFO)
selection of scottish cheese, chilli chutney, oatcakes, celery, apple & grapes
Prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%. We make changes to our menu every 3 - 4 months. However, due to customer demand, we have chosen to leave some of the more popular choices on the menu. If you have any special dietary requirements, or allergies, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Gluten free menu is also available, our main menu with substitutes or omissions where possible, bread is available on request.

Updated October 2020.
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