Born from a passion for Belgian beer

We are Six˚North – Belgian beer is widely recognised as the pinnacle of the brewing process and we have embraced the Belgian Style.

Adopting traditions and processes whilst developing and pushing boundaries to supply the growing appetite for craft/artisan beers.

We are brewing in north east Scotland, six°north of Brussels. Blessed with pure, soft water and fields abound with high quality barley. We won’t tamper with natures intent. All our beers are unfiltered and carbonated naturally through secondary fermentation. We love beer too. These processes provide the aspirational drinker with a live, full and uncompromising experience that will continually evolve.

Embracing all facets of the brewing process and base materials. With refinement. Without fuss. In gentlemanly fashion. We encapsulate beer culture through our brewery, venues and consumers. Aspiring to maximize our product quality by brewing well balanced beers served in the best venues and consumed by all whom love to imbibe. We will passionately provide choice.

Whilst engaging our consumer and employees to lifes simple pleasures and to the beer world around us. We don’t filter anything. From our beer, style, drinkers and venues. Everything is as it comes. We want you to discover this for yourself.

4 Star Hotel Aberdeenshire Shorehead
Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire
Scotland, AB39 2JY
01569 762155
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